Mittwoch, 20. April 2011


Beschreibe mir kurz deinen Style
Retro, verrückt, Mix aus 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, I ♥ Rock über Hose, Gürtelschnallen, Bandshirts, selbstbedruckte Shirts, DIY, ...
 Worauf achtest du wenn du Klamotten shoppen gehst, gibt es bestimmte Kriterien z. B. Preis, Marke, Laden, Herstellungsbedingungen etc.?
 Vor allem achte ich darauf, dass es zu mir passt, und nicht nur ein dummer Trend ist, dem man hinterherlaufen muss. der Preis spielt natürlich auch eine Rolle. Für richtig coole und einzigartige Sachen gebe ich dann aber auch mal etwas mehr Geld aus. Manche Läden werden wegen den bekannt schlechten Herstellungsbedingungen gemieden.
Wurde dein Kleidungsstil durch eine Musikrichtung oder eine Subkultur beeinflusst?
Ich hole mir aus verschiedenen Subkulturen Inspirationen und mache daraus den Mimzy-Mischmasch.
Hast du Stylevorbilder?
Ja, Charlotte Roche und meine Lieblingskitty ♥
Was geht für Dich klamottenmäßig überhaupt nicht und worauf kannst du in Sachen Style gut und gerne verzichten?
Komische bunte weite Oberteile,  zusammengequetscht mit einem Gürtel und darunter eine sehr vorteilhafte Leggins *kotz*, bling bling, Moon Boots, Karottenjeans, Crogs, bei Männern über dem Kopf schwebende Kappen, T-Shirts mit Sprüchen ohne Sinn, ED HARDY
 Hast du schon Kritik bezüglich deines Kleidungsstils erleben müssen? 
Ja von Mamas Freund.

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Interview mit KERRY BOMB ♥

1.) Can you tell me first of all a little bit about yourself?
[lifestyle, favourite music bands/style or whatever,
political opinion, work etc.]
I’m a 23 year old dumb, blonde, swedish girl. At the age of 16 I left home and moved 100 km to the city of Malmö. I still live in the same flat, which I have decorated ”Kerry Bomb”-style with black and pink walls, rose wall paper, checkered floors and leopardprinted kitchen cupboards! I love my apartment! Recently my man Pete (guitarist of ex. hardcore band When we fall) moved in and filled the spaces with some testosteron and love!
To make the list short, my main interests are music, designing clothes for my upcoming brand, dressing up and going to parties, snowboarding and working out!
I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly punk music and similar genres. It really varies from week to week what I listen to. Could be Rammstein one week, and Midlake one! For the moment I listen a lot to Rise against, Shelter, Killers and The loved ones!
I have sooo many political opinions, it would take me the whole week to write everything down. I can say though, that I do not lean to the left nor the right side of the political scale. My opinions are very mixed and I don’t believe that all is either black or white.

2.) So what or who inspired you to play the bass and when was that?
I lived in Malmö all alone, I hade no friends but my ”class mates” in school. On the internet I met punkrocker Chriz a go-go who introduced me to the rest of his band The Union Rags. Me and the singer and guitarist Jake (back then known as Dead Boy) started dating and soon became a couple! That relationship lasted for three years. And yes, it is the same Jake as in The Headlines. ;) Jake and his brother C.C. Rad (also member of The Union Rags) inspired me to pick up the bass. Jake learned me the basics and then I sat at home playing to my favorite records, Rancid, Green Day etc. I got pretty good in a short time and I felt ready to start my own band. I met a guy named Mats who drank a lot but was a guitar-hero! Him and me formed Johnny Thunders inspired band The Tits. We tried out almost 10 drummers and didn’t find what we were looking for. Also, unfortunately Mats is a real rolling stone and can’t stay at one place more than a couple of months. So he went away to explore life in Australia. That was the end of The Tits. The end of The Union Rags was also soon about to come…

3.) Why did you want to be in a band?
I wanted to be in a band because it was boring sitting at home playing green day songs. Haha! No, being in a band is probably the coolest thing one can do. There’s no way to explain the feeling. Everyone in a band knows. Of course there are also alot of difficulties and arguments among band members but that is nothing compared to the feeling of friendship and being on stage as a group. Becoming a member of The Headlines is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I have experienced so much crazyness and wild things with the boys in my band I can almost not believe it myself!

4.) How long has THE HEADLINES been around?
The Headlines was formed from the ashes of The Union Rags. C.C. Rad changed position from bass player to playing the mandolin, saxophone and harmonica. I filled the bass position and the four of us (Jake, C.C. Rad, Yo Yo and Kerry Bomb) became The Headlines! That was back in October 2004.

5.) Are their any bands with female bandmembers you like and why?
I love Hole! Celebrity Skin is with no doubt one of the best records ever made. Courtney Love is such an icon for me. She’s so fucked up. Haha! I also listen to Zolof the Rock ’n’ Roll destroyer and The Unlovables. The lead singers in both of those bands have such bright and cute voices. And their music is happy and catchy!

6.) How it feels to be the only girl in a punk band?
I live in a man’s world. Men surround me everywhere I go. I have a man living with me, three men in my band, and almost all of my friends are men. I think it’s because the punk and rock scene is very man-dominated. For example when we play at a venue, I’m almost always the only girl except maybe the bartender or so. Sound technician, promoter, the other bands, everyone involved in the show are men. Being an only girl all the time makes me more like a boy. I’m turning into a boy psychologically. All this boyishness makes me want to revolt and therefor I dress very feminine just to compensate for my boyish behaviour! Haha!
Girls I meet often see me as a rival for some reason. Like I am some sort of threat to them because I’m so good with the boys. I think some girls also are threatened by me because the sexy and provocative way I dress, because I play in a really cool band and because I take a lot of space.
All together I enjoy being the only girl. I sometimes miss having a best girl friend. Any volunteers? I’m a great friend!!

7.) What are you currently doing, or involved in, besides THE HEADLINES?
I’m working part time at a hydraulic company called Intermercato AB. They sell grapples and stuff for cranes and such. Working part time is great! It gives me time to have sex with Pete, work with my designs and the band!
8.) Would you call yourself a riot grrrl? are you feminist or politically involved?
The word feminist is pretty poisoned. But of course I’m a feminist. I belive in equal rights for men and women. It bothers me, though, that so many feminists engage in womens rights in the west world, when the problems for women in many Islamic, african and asian countries are HUGE! Nothing makes me more angry than reading about a woman stoned to death for being raped by her brother. Things like that make me think feminists who are fighting for quotas of women within certain labours, should maybe concentrate on some real problems in the world.

9.) Do you read any Fanzines on the Internet? Which one?
I read too little! I don’t have much time over when the day is through. Shame on me!

10.) What do you think about the suicide girls?
Would you drop your clothes for this site or have you even already done it? Please tell us your reasons why or why not.
I think suicide girls is the same as any other porn site. The girls all look the same with their tattoos and piercings. With only three tattoos and one piercing I’m not sure I’d fit in! Haha! I have to admit I like porn, though. (OMG, what are mom and dad gonna say??)
If I were to take my clothes off I’d probably post them on the band’s website and not on suicide girls. I don’t feel related to that site at all. My nude pictures would probably be more in style of Marilyn Monroe or Dita von Teese!

11.) What do you think about the ever-growing „emo scene“?
Is it as terrible in Sweden is in Germany?
Depends on what you mean by ”emo”? I’m guessing you’re not talking about emo as in what emo REALLY is. I guess you mean ”Tokio Hotel” or whatever’s considered emo right now? I think it’s actually a good thing that kids stop listening to whatever they used to listen to (RNB, hip hop or really bad popmusic) and go over to guitar based music such as my chemical romance etc. My checmical romance is not exactly my favourite band, but hey, I’d rather see my future kids listening to any kind of rock music than rap music or even worse artists like Pussy cat dolls or Jessica Simpson.

12.) In your Myspace profil i read „Fashion Designer“ tell us about that project!
Yes, that’s right! I have an upcoming brand named after my band alias Kerry Bomb. I prefer wearing clothes made by myself, and I’m really glad that so many people come up to me and make positive comments about my dresses or whatever I’m wearing. I want to see people dress more elegant and flashy! People tend to dress down to often. Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t wear a coctail dress and a pair of high heels!
My design is all about glamour in a sofisticated and elegant way but still with the punky details! I’m not afraid to show some skin so some of my dresses could be considered vulgar by some people. I consider them sexy, provocative and superior!
So make sure you keep your eyes open for my upcoming brand KERRY BOMB and your ears open for my great band THE HEADLINES!!!